With Mother's Day just around the corner, you may be wondering what to get the mother figure in your life.

And what better than a Mother's Day basket filled with wellness products?

Discover six of the best Mother's Day gifts below.

What can you put in a mother's self-care basket?

If you're planning to create a self-care basket this Mother's Day, you may need some inspiration on what to put in it. Let's start by delving into what personal care really means.

Personal care looks different for everyone, but in general, prioritize putting your needs first to keep yourself physically and mentally well.

Obviously, you can't cover everything in a basket, but you can include gifts that will help that mom or special someone stay well and relaxed, even if it's just for a few minutes!

Think soothing bath time products, tasty treats, aromatherapy gifts and lotions to help nourish her skin.

Let's go over the basics to provide some inspiration if you're stuck.
Try to think about how your special someone likes to relax (if you have lots of time!) Would she prefer to lock herself away for a warm bath or enjoy a cozy night on the couch?

Maybe she would enjoy:
- Skin protection
- Body care
- Hair care
- Aromatherapy
- A note from you
- Protein snacks
- Sweets
- Fancy tea or coffee

Here are some of our recommendations:

6of the best gifts for Mother's Day


1. Nomo Cream and Chocolate - 85g


What's Mother's Day without some chocolates?
Place in the basket this delicious vegan chocolate that is totally free of dairy, gluten, egg and nuts and is really delicious.

Add sweetness to her day with this or other chocolates!

2. Vitaskin Imperfection Control Moisturizing Cream with Vitamin B - 60ml

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Help her with her facial care routine with this Vitamin B blemish control moisturizer. Packed with niacinamide, this cream has skin-soothing properties that help reduce the appearance of redness and blemishes. Panthenol leaves skin soft, smooth and deeply hydrated.


3. Certified organic rosehip oil Trilogy - 20 ml


Product Image #444



Another great nourishing gift to add to your personal care box is Trilogy's certified organic rosehip oil.

Super moisturizing for all skin types, this product also works wonders on scars, stretch marks and fine lines.



4. Tisserand Pillow Mist Sleep Better - 100ml



It goes without saying that sleep is one of the most important factors in our overall well-being. And that's where Tisserand steps in to give the gift of sleep this Mother's Day.

Sleep Better pillow sprays are a brilliant solution for people who have trouble falling asleep or for those who continually suffer from poor sleep quality.

In addition to lavender, Tisserand's Sleep Better pillow mist features the comforting, woody scent of sandalwood and the soothing floral scent of jasmine. Simply spritz on the pillow, bedding and/or around the room to help prepare the mind and body for a dreamy night's sleep.


5. Balmonds Daily Moisturizing Cream - 300ml

Product Image#133


There's nothing like slathering on body lotion after a long bath.

Balmond's Daily Moisturizer was formulated as a gentle yet effective natural emollient for dry or itchy skin. It contains oils and herbs to support the skin's natural cycle of regeneration and repair, keeping skin in soft, supple and healthy condition.


6. Heath & Heather Organic Relaxing - 20 Sachets

 Product Image#1333333333


What's more comforting than a hot cup of tea?

When you find it hard to sleep, or just curl up and set the mood for a restful night's rest, Heath & Heather's nighttime blend is a specialist in helping with that.

The carefully selected blend of chamomile flowers combined with fruits and spices calms the mind, quiets the senses and signals the body to begin relaxing for sleep.


The last word

Feeling inspired to put together a personal care basket for that special mom in your life? From skin care products to sweets and herbal teas, treat your loved one to something special this Mother's Day.

Check out all the options here...