In view of the current situation, multiple protocols have been generated to avoid any risk of contagion. But, unfortunately, there is very little information aimed at those people who may be affected or living with someone affected. Therefore, and from our commitment to care and prevention, in Holland and Barrett we want to inform about the measures we can take to help someone who shows symptoms of COVID-19 at home.


Where to install it?

Whenever possible, we should install our affected person in a room exclusively for the affected person, limiting his or her range of movement within the house to avoid its spread and taking care of any contact we or other members have with him or her. 


Likewise, it is advisable not to share the bathroom, or to carry out exhaustive cleaning every time our infected person uses it.


What hygienic measures should we take?

We should use bleach to disinfect any surface: doorknobs, tables, switches, faucets, telephones, etc. It is also advisable to increase the cleaning tasks and wash separately all bedding and clothing of the infected person.


On the other hand, we must protect ourselves, whenever we are going to make any contact, with gloves, masks and any other protective material we have. 

Do you have to follow any special diet?

Let's keep in mind that, as when we suffer from any other disease, both the desire to eat and the intake levels decrease. Consequently, and as long as his body can tolerate it, we should give him all kinds of foods that strengthen his immune system and are rich in Vitamins A, C, D, Omega 3, Folic Acid, Zinc, Iron or Magnesium. For example: juices, shakes, citrus fruits, blue fish, nuts, etc.


How can we improve your rest?

Due to the symptoms that usually develop with this Coronavirus, sleeping or resting can be difficult. To try to help and get some quality of rest, we have to avoid intense lights, eat foods with caffeine and try to follow a routine of rest. Depending on the condition of the affected person and whenever possible, before going to sleep we can help them to perform physical exercises or personal hygiene tasks that help to tire the body.


What do we do with the waste?

It is very important that we manage the waste generated by the affected person in a proper way, since it can be a great threat to the rest of the people. Therefore, we recommend the use of any disposable hygiene product. 


We must isolate all waste generated by the infected person in plastic bags. Once we have treated the waste, we must apply a thorough and comprehensive personal hygiene protocol to avoid any possible threat.


And if you need information or are interested in products that help you strengthen your immune system, contact your local store. At Holland and Barrettwe will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit our store and you will find a wide variety of nutritional supplements at your disposal to help protect your defenses. Because we know that health comes first. And for any questions, contact us. We will be available by phone, email or from our online store.