In our daily lives we are usually surrounded by multiple chemical elements that contaminate our food and have an impact on the body. Therefore, we tell you how to learn to avoid them and eliminate these types of substances from your body in a natural way.

We are surrounded by heavy metals that, accumulated in our body in excessive quantities, can cause serious damage to our health. Likewise, once they enter our body, it is quite difficult for us to eliminate them. For this reason it is important to avoid exposing yourself to them.

As a first measure, we must try to control all metals and chemicals that may be toxic and that may be present in our food, water, cosmetics, medications, cleaning products, and even in the air we breathe.

These can come from:

  • Pipes
  • Low consumption light bulbs or mercury thermometers when broken
  • Certain types of fish (such as oily fish)
  • Kitchen utensils containing aluminum
  • Vaccines
  • Pesticides
  • Food additives
  • Ingredients of personal care products
  • Medicines
  • Untreated water

Sources of metals and toxins are present around us, and are part of our daily lives, which makes it very easy to become contaminated. Therefore, it is necessary to be informed to know how to identify and avoid them, since they can have serious consequences. Such as, for example, kidney or liver diseases, nervous system disorders, joint diseases, endocrine disorders, allergies and poisoning, among other health problems.


How to cleanse our body?

Many times, resorting to the popular “Detox” treatments implies continuing with the intake or application of some of these toxic substances, which is why it is essential to resort to natural products that they manage to clean our body without damaging it.

For example:

  • Cilantro: apart from being used as a condiment, cilantro contains a large amount of vitamins, especially vitamins A and K, and to a lesser extent vitamins B, C and E, which remove metals from the body.
  • Garlic: already known for its uses to combat multiple diseases. In this case, its purifying components are responsible for cleaning the body of any toxic substance.
  • Citrus fruits: orange, tangerine and lemon help eliminate traces of heavy metals from the body, carrying out a great decontaminating action.


Also, you can try these little home remedies:

  • Beet juice: blend 3 small beets, 2 large peeled carrots and 2 cut apples. Drink a glass of this preparation per day, preferably on an empty stomach.
  • Tomato juice: blend 2 medium tomatoes, 1 red apple, 1 medium carrot, the juice of 1 orange and 1 lemon, 2 tablespoons of honey and water. Drink the preparation at any time of the day


*Important: It should be clarified that, at Holland and Barrett, we do not give medical advice or prescription on the use of techniques for the treatment of physical or mental problems without a medical prescription, either directly or indirectly. If any information on this site is used for this purpose, Holland and Barrett assumes no responsibility. Our intention is merely informative to help in the search for personal development and growth.