Healthy chocolates at Easter

For many of us, Easter is a time to gather with family and friends. This celebration is associated with the consumption of traditional Easter foods and beverages, and can be somewhat difficult if you are trying to follow a healthy diet. The supermarket shelves are full of Lenten sweets and flashy chocolates of all kinds, it seems to be the perfect excuse to celebrate and forget about your healthy eating for a few days.

Don't feel bad about indulging on Easter Sunday, but if you prefer to do it in the best way possible, here's an idea for an alternative to the Easter monkey so your diet won't be so affected.

Dark chocolate has more cocoa content and less milk and sugar than milk chocolate, and has been said to improve heart health, brain function and may even aid in weight loss. Plus, pure chocolate contains a multitude of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Just remember, everything in moderation!

Doisy & Dam Chocolate Buttons - 30g

Chocolate Buttons with 70% Colombian Cocoa. Less sugar and more chocolate.

Holland & Barrett Chocolate Raisins - 150g

With no added colors or flavors, ruby chocolate has a very fruity taste, with fresh and acidic notes and a delicious smoothness. It is also suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Happy Easter!